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How Do I Lower My ACoS


Amazon has become a highly diverse marketplace. For one to become successful on Amazon, one must learn a few tips and increase their sales and overall revenue. Brand recognition and selling products on Amazon is very competitive. But with the right strategies and guidance, one can become an expert on Amazon and gain high profits. When talking about strategies, people often resort to ad spending and focusing on pay-per-click advertising. However, the metrics of ACoS play an equally important role in determining revenue and increasing sales. In this blog, we will describe the concept of ACoS and how you can keep the metrics of ACoS lower.

What Is ACoS 

ACoS stands for Advertising Cost of Sales. The percentage metrics that are derived from ACoS analysis are the investment of the PPC ads and the revenue that is generated from the initial investment. With this analysis, one can tell if their investment in the PPC advertisement is proving to be profitable.


There is no exact number that one can say is a good ACoS percentage. This can only be told through your price. One has to keep in mind that the total spending on the ad campaign should be lower than the profit and price of the product. Usually, a 5-20% ACoS percentage is good. Overall, the focus should be on lowering the ACoS percentage. These are some of the ways you can achieve this:

Optimize Using Keywords

Conduct proper research, do competitors’ research, and analyze the most searched keywords of the product. Using relevant keywords means that your product will appear in searches. If one spends time on a single and optimizes it using relevant keywords, then even a single ad is enough.

Bid Amount

In order to get a lower ACoS, one needs to bid properly. The amount should be reasonable. At Pro Active Plus PPC we can help you determine what amount you should bid to get a lower ACoS metric.

Product Description And Content

Amazon’s algorithm is set in a way that connects buyers to sellers, but given that the product content is relevant, One needs to make sure that the content of the product matches the product itself. Information should be relevant, detailed, and described in order to attract potential buyers.


Relevant Title and Headings

They should be engaging, SEO-optimized, and descriptive of the product. Most buyers just skim through the description; it’s the headings and titles that catch their eye.

These are only some of the ways to lower your ACoS metrics. If you need professional help, our highly expert Amazon services can help you at Pro Active Plus PPC. Along with our PPC Setup and Management service, we can assist you in keeping your ACoS percentage lower.

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